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Default Recallable Hotkey Variations Via Toggle Key

It honestly seems to me that there are so many functions that depend on a particular 'workflow of the moment', that I would like to see some "hot-swappable" hotkey tables;

The main issue for me is that I hate to overwrite common Hotkeys that the community uses that I don't even know about - because I need to receive instruction on it and it would suck for me to overwrite these hotkeys with my own, simply because I don't realize that a common and useful 'rank of importances' for hotkeys exists (with the most commonly used ones being on the easiest to access key combinations).

And there seem to be far more desirable hotkeys than we have easy to access key combinations. Don't be like FL Studio, that, in order to resize a note from the beginning of it, I must press Ctrl-Alt-Home. Now I'm bragging about my hand size.
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Have a look at the vimper project. Allows multi-key shortcuts. Not exactly what you are talking about but...
IIRC it's at gitHub.com/ggVGc/vimper
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