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Default Command line video encoder settings

Hello everyone,

I think that since Reaper already uses ffmpeg for encoding, it would've been awesome to have optional commandline parameters in the Render window.

For example (talking Linux here), you could put "vcodec = nvenc_h264" to enable GPU hardware encoding and have your rendering speed greatly improved, as well as improved control over various settings. I'm not sure how Reaper deals with ffmpeg itself, but I don't imagine it would be very hard to implement.
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Additional thoughts:

I read that it's recommended to use uncompressed render and then Handbrake, but when 20 seconds weighs around 3GB and I want to do a 50 minutes video, there's no way to do that. If it's not hard to implement, that would save a lot of time, especially for Linux users.

Checking other video editing software on Linux, there seems to be no reliable way to record your voice over video and sync it for example. Even if you manage to get it working, it still records separate file which you have to manually sync – kinda defeats the purpose of it. Meanwhile, it works out of the box in Reaper. Not sure why, but I had various issues with most of editing programs I tried, some just almost refuse to work at all. And Reaper simply works once you install your audio/video codecs.

I will encode in Reaper, it's still probably worth the time saved you'd spend trying to sync pre-recorded audio. But as said above, adding command line options would greatly improve video rendereing aspect with – I believe – relatively low effort.
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One of the more recent versions does do multi-threaded video processing.

It's just the video encoding that's fairly slow.

If Reaper at least let you encode to MKV/Quicktime with a Prores codec(FFMPEG has that), it would be a lot faster and use a lot less disk space. A LOT less than uncompressed video at least.
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+1 on that. Would be very helpful and take tons of weight off of the devs shoulders,as they wouldn't need to implement all of that into Reaper themselves.
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