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Default simplsynth2?

Hi, good day to you)_I'm very new to Reaper, and i don't really know if the idea i'm on about here is worth somebody's time, or I hope that it is at least ethical to write such things here <3; anyway... here we go

I really like the Reasynth, and what i was thinking about, that the program will benefit from having the same synth, but with a few features added. Like Reasynth2

(so that way it is possible to choose between Reasynth and Reasynth2)

(Reasynth2) or call it how You like <3

2OSC_(with_or_without_NOISE_Generator_SUB_OSC_or_o ther_misc_stuff_doesn't_really_matter)
FILTER (maybe some different slopes could add some elegance)

nothing more

I'm not asking to build a synth with a lot of features_<3 like anything else
to me this feature will be a HUGE time saver


ty for reading_have a nice day <3
) take care

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