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Default Formatting for Instagram

Any luck in rendering a video that Instagram will accept?

Post your settings here!

As far as I understand, it wants .mp4 with h.264 and aac audio. My next challenge is to export an .mp4 and not .mov (edit: doesn't matter, insta won't take either. you just type .mp4 at the end of your output file name and Reaper sorts it.)

AAC seems not to be working. Fraunhofer AAC codec is installed. Trying every format and combination of stuff, but instagram isn't having any of it. Also VLC should be playing an aac track of my video but the video is silent. I've never had any success trying to render a video with AAC audio in it now that I think of it. But that seems to be what Instagram needs.

To add insult to injury, i am able to upload an .mp4 to instagram (with mp3 or pcm audio not AAC since it's silent) after first processing it with a 3rd party app in my phone that puts its watermark on the video. I would try downloading the file and inspecting it but I don't think the specs will look different than my original but it will be worth a try.

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Something around those parameters should work. As an alternative a tool like HandBrake would convert any video format to mp4 and audio to aac.

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