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Human being with feelings
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Default Oxygene 4 in 2020 - Jarre at all?

This vid is a glowing hot topic in other forums at the moment, anyone here knows the real source? It's a leak of Jarre's next album, some say. But no proof yet. Maybe someone of you guys did it?
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Human being with feelings
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Sounds similar, I like it but at the same time it sounds not "flying" enough comparing to most of Jarre's compositions. But who knows.

If you like this kind of music, a few months ago YT suggested me videos of MrFirechild. He loves analog synths and has big collection of them. Sometimes he composing songs to showcase particular synth. 'Cause he often use original presets, his compositions have very similar timbre to Jarre and Vangelis.

Yea.. I really like his music. Here is YT link to his playlist. His LPs are available on Spotify too.

with regards
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Human being with feelings
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Default rip

Was too good to be true. Still, not a too bad example for a wannabe. Heard enough stuff, that failed even trying. That seems to be one of the better examples.
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