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Default How bypass bus processing when in track solo mode?

When you solo a channel in Reaper, where does this function send the signal?

I know there are different types of solo but what I want is to be able to send the signal from a solo-ed channel directly to the soundcard output, bypassing any bus processing along the way.

I like a bus- or master compressor on a group of tracks or the whole mix when I listen to the whole mix, but when I press solo I just want to hear the naked sound from the channel, without the master compressor on it. That is what I am after.

I seem to recall a way of doing this in Reaper, but I guess it's been re-designed since then. I've been experimenting with this the past hour and it seems I cannot find a way of achieving this signalflow. This is some of what I've just concluded:

- I use a synth on a track to send a sine tone from. Call it track 1.
- I use another track to symbolize Bus track, and I got an aggressive distortion plugin on it so I can always hear when the sound goes through it. Call this Track 2.
- And there is the master track, the last output from Reaper.

First problem is I can't put a master compressor on the master track, because then I won't be able to send a clean signal past it - period!. So instead, I guess all tracks has got to go through a track prior to the master channel. This track will be the master compressor track. (in my case a distortion).

Now, if I enable "Master send" on track 1, then the signal will always be sent to the real master, regardless of Solo mode, and not through track 2 (master compressor). This is not what we want.

And if de-select "Master send" on track 1, and send the sound from Track 1 to Track 2, and Track 2 has got "Master send" enabled, then Track 2 will act as a proper bus channel and receive the signal plus sent it on to the master out. But pressing Solo on Track 1 now, will either make Track 1 go quiet or be sent through Track 2 (depending on which solo mode you chose). It won't bypass Track 2 and go directly to the master output, no matter which solo mode is used. Same thing happens if we make Track 1 a child of Track 2.

So it seems very difficult to figure out a way to do this, or am I missing something?

thx for any input
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