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Default Reaktor can't recreate settings in old projects

I've posted this in the Reaktor forum too, but you guys are always so helpful, so maybe someone has a suggestion of what to do with this issue.

Here is my problem:
So Reaktor is not able to recreate the settings, when I load up an old project. I think the problems has started after a system reset, but all the file path should be the same. It says it's missing an ensemble, but I do not have the ensembles saved anywhere. Reaktor does find all the installed ensembles, when I load in standalone and as a new plugin, but the specific settings saved on the tracks in Reaper is lost. Shouldn't Reaktor just find the settings saved in the project like any other vst does? The problem is with all Reaktor instances in the project, so the problem persists with Polyplex, Razor and probably any other instance of Reaktor.

Any suggestions on how to get my track settings back?

Edit: Found out what the problem is. It is caused by a bug the deletes a "/" in the file structure line. If I rename Razor to RazorRazor.rkpl and move it to the top folder it works again.

This is not okay on NI's part. It's an old bug and it could have seriously hurt my work.
I found this thread discussing the issue: https://support.native-instruments.....t-found-en-us-

If anyone has a better solutions than copying and renaming I'm all ears!

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