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Default How to online render audio with video preview?

I need to render only audio stem which is for video that I have in the session.
is it possible to render online audio with video preview? Im doing some audio postproduction, but since my projects render close to 1x realtime, it would be useful if I can slow it down to 1.0 realtime and watch video along with it. Is this possible? Or maybe the only way is to render video and then extract audio from it? (but many not necessary files comes with that)

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Originally Posted by xinky View Post
... and watch video along with it.
If you just play the project you can watch the video along with
the audio.

So I don't understand why you want that in the rendering-process
the whole reaper project should be played simultaneously. The
rendering-process is an offline-processing. "Offline" means here:
Not in realtime. In a background batch.

You can render only audio or video - without watching the video.

But again: After you rendered to "video" you can playback the
video and will simultaneously hear the audio.
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Just set rendering to online.
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