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Default Problems with Korg M1 VST and Reaper- Plugin at fault?

I recently bought and installed the Korg Collection M1 VST and while the plugin itself has worked well, I have started experiencing some pretty odd issues in Reaper when running it.

The first major issue happened while I was playing around with the presets right after installing it. I was scrolling through the preset list in in FX host window (so the dropdown list of presets that Reaper provides, not searching the presets directly in the plugin UI) and I accidentally clicked "Rest to Factory Default" at the very top. This seemed to cause some major VST plugin mapping issues in Reaper. I had instances of Synth1 and Guitar Rig 5 running in the same project and Reaper suddenly was unable to find both of those plugins. Eventually I was able to remap the location of Synth1 simply by re-adding the plugin folder it was located in (Preferences>VST>Add plug-in folder path) but I wasn't able to do the same for Guitar Rig 5 despite knowing exactly where the .dll was located. Reaper still couldn't detect the plugin even after adding the specific folder containing the plugin. I had to go through Native Access and completely reinstall Guitar Rig 5 for it to work. That doesn't seem like typical behavior?

The second issue I have experienced is basically any time I open the Korg MI FX window Reaper seems to stop accepting MIDI input for one of my keyboards. I usually have 2 MIDI keyboards connected at the same time and this only happens to one of them, and only after running the Korg plugin. I can create a new project or even open an existing project with the Korg plugin and as long as I don't actually open the Korg FX window both keyboards work fine, but as soon as I click open the FX window for the Korg Reaper can't see any MIDI data coming from the one keyboard. I then have to close Reaper and somehow "reset" the ability for the keyboard MIDI data to be seen (I have found that opening and instance of MIDI-OX seems to let the MIDI data from the keyboard be detected again, and then it works in Reaper).

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but this all seems very strange to me. I am running on Windows btw. Is this all because of the Korg plugin or is there something else I'm missing?
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