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Default Strange automation problem

Hello friends,

I got a newbie question concerning track automation. I'm using a Nektar Panorama T4, and I cannot get the write automation working on the knobs.

Basically, I have a track set up with a synth, and one of the knobs on the keyboard controls the vibrato. I'd now like to write automation for that vibrato parameter. The following is happening:

- I set the automation mode to "write"; the knob in Reaper's UI turns red.
- If I now play a note on the keyboard and turn the knob, the vibrato changes, as expected
- Now, I press play with the envelope armed
- When I now turn the knob, the value shown on the track envelope on the left changes
- However, nothing at all gets written to the envelope, excepting for the starting position of the value when I clicked on play

I would have expected the values to be recorded; what am I doing wrong?

For those knowing the Nektar Panorama T4: When I do the same thing in mixer mode, recording faders for track volume does work as expected. I'm at a loss, I'm assuming I'm just missing one small piece of information on how to actually write track envelopes
Thanks for your help in advance!
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