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Thanks folks
  • Minimum realistic resolution is about 1080px high. If you've only got the one, then you're going to need to undock and flip between mixer and everything else. Apparently a mapped footpedal is killer for that. I'm developing it with my two 1900x1200 screens, which is ...nice.
  • Expected date for a public beta would be 2015. Maybe 2016. That's about as much as I'm prepared to commit to!
  • If you don't have a big screen, you have a choice of many hundreds of other themes. There is also the Dead Ringer layout for you, but don't expect too much.

Testers - Nice, I would certainly appreciate more testers if they are the right people, thanks! Please only contact me if you are able to start your message with "I have discretion, an IRC client, at least one big monitor and very good manners". I'll clear some space on my PMs in a moment. Can I respectfully ask not to email me with anything related to this? If you do / already have, please understand that I probably won't read it, I've got busy workstuff going on there.


added: blackface transport

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