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Default Reaper/Superior Drummer 2 not recognizing midi drums

So I have my Roland Edrums connected to my liquid saffire 56 midi controller and it's working on my PC with EZdrummer software albeit mapped incorrectly. So I know its working right, but I can't get it to trigger in reaper.
Liquid Saffire controller is enabled+control in preferences. I have set up individual tracks for the kit within the Superior VSTi mapping into reaper that are working with sound when I click inside the plug in.
All tracks are set to default record input (audio or MIDI) have tried Force midi but nothing.
I've tried right clicking the drums + learn to change the midi note its assigned to but it doesn't change (most likely not receiving a signal in the first place).
Set to read all 16 incoming channels. Main track is armed. Tested to see if midi is sounding in reaper, it is.
At a loss as to what to try next, would appreciate some advice as i'm still a complete noob so it could be something simple I haven't done yet.
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few views no replies,
Any ideas that will help?
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Hello Hanke and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information. Make sure that you:
It sounds like you have not selected the MIDI Input device for your track. Right-click the RecArm button, go down to "Input:MIDI" and select the device (it may have some sort of Saffire name, rather than the Roland Edrums).

Play the drums - do you see any MIDI activity LEDs (a red square or moving red line) on the track's meters?

If that does not work, check out the check-list in the User Guide, 3.40 and post a screenshot of your Reaper Preferences / MIDI / Devices.
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