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Hi Andy

Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post
Hi Thierry
Remind me, Thierry, was all of this piece created with LABS?
Although still from Spitfire Audio, the strings parts are made with Spitfire Solo Strings. Less, less free of charge . But with whom I do just about everything I do. Don't think you can get such a result with the free Labs strings.

Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post
I must say that, since downloading all of the LABS instruments I am having lots of fun with it. Some of my latest experiments are being done with just LABS and a few extra effects.
You see, very valuable stuff in there. I'm happy you enjoy those. Please, let us listen what you've done with it.

Originally Posted by jeranx View Post

Lots of feeling to this one. And I get an undercurrent of the Far East here.

Far east wasn't in my mind at that time. But as a, almost, big traveler in my youth, I've been living in India for a while and this color is never very far from me.

Originally Posted by synkrotron View Post
Well, all caught up now, I think. It has been a pleasure listening to your classical snippets
I see you've listened to "Slowmode" (it might be you ), there's a re-adaptation of it where you can hear my girl friend's voice, "Enora": https://hearthis.at/thierryvastel/enora-danse2/,

one of the two takes we've done together, the other being "Du Cosmos" :
that was inspired by a book from the french philosopher Michel Onfray who lives in our region.

And for fun only, a "thing", the only one I was able to create with a Cubase demo, "First":
nothing much in there except maybe some kind of a bridge I was proud of at that time around 2 min.

...just to show how far I've come

Your too kind to me in your comments.

Thanx a lot and have a good day.



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