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Default Hard panned guitars sounds different in mono


Is some trick for two (or more) guitars hard panned left/right that sounds different in MONO? I was trying to put third on center. Is little better, but maybe something else?

Problem is:
- in mono guitars are quiter
- in mono guitars are less brighter
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For your first problem might be because of the pan law.
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You can check the Pan Law in the preferences/settings menu. You can change the Pan Law, or simply adjust the volume sliders on the two track in the mixer. Not a big deal. Yes it is normal for some setups to have lower volume when panning full left or right.

Panning hard left and right the same signal (i.e. two identical mono guitar tracks) is pointless. It only makes sense if you add some effects to one of the tracks, for example you can add chorus, EQ, delay, etc. Then, you will create a stereo field to work with. Perhaps a more sophisticated approach is to record TWO different guitar tracks that appear to be similar, but have small chord inversions and/or timing differences in the rhythm.

ZZ TOP often have two guitar tracks L/R that seem similar, but have small differences and it creates a very exciting wide stereo field.

A third guitar in the center? Sure, why not. But make sure you recognize the fact that in some cases three can be a crowd (e.g. people listening to the song using only one speaker) and that other times the middle guitar will dominate the scene and one guitar may disappear (e.g. someone sitting on the left side of a car, standing near a speaker in a living room, etc.).
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