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Human being with feelings
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Default Everything in my rig is working really well...suspiciously well....

Last year I was bitching about graphics issues plaguing my computer and Reaper in particular. I was complaining the Reaper was running so much better on my Windows 8.1 install on my 2012 Mac Pro (at the time, single proc 3.33 with 32 gig of Ram). I have since upgraded to a dual proc tray (2 x 3.33 ghz 6 core each, with 24 threads). I had followed Serr's instructions to turn off Hyperthreading, but on a lark re-instantiated it. Latest version of Mojave too...

Everything is perfect. I mean PERFECT. Graphics problems I was plagued with on a number of plugins...gone.

Just sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop.
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Human being with feelings
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Then congratulations!
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