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Default Follow Play Cursor/Auto-Scroll is too Jumpy!

I know there are at least half a dozen other posts referring to this issue, but that's obviously because it must be an issue.

Anyway, here's a short video clip of the auto-scroll in my REAPER.

I use Windows 10, REAPER 5.979, and all my drivers (audio/video) are up to date.

It may not look terrible, but just the slightest bit of lag (for me) essentially makes the auto-scroll/follow play cursor feature unusable. Even in the video it's not hard to detect a sort of 'lurching' effect regarding the movement speed of the project's items, and the play cursor itself is blinking and doesn't look like it's even staying in one central location.

I won't be salty if this never gets addressed/fixed, but conversely, I would be 'over-the-hills' if it did.
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