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Default Keyboard shortcuts needs to be sent to the right windows!

FFS!!! For the third time tonight I've been Melodyning a part, made a mistake, pressed Cmd + Z and then had the entire Melodyne window disappear because the undo was undoing the "add plugin".

This is fucking bullshit!

And don't give me the "Send all keyboard input to the plug-in" becuase that's NOT A SOLUTION!
Keyboard shortcuts should be send to the window that is in focus first, then down to the DAW if not recognized by the plugin.
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Human being with feelings
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Reaper need to do some serious house cleaning with regards to keyboard shortcuts. It is probably the single cause for ~80% of my issues with REAPER. So much wasted time because Reaper is stupid about its hotkeys and window focus and context. Especially because so much of its customisation relies on the correct focus/context/window/function.

The recent "global shortcuts" developments (in dev builds) are very welcome, but still seems messy with the current implementation and not very smooth. (Lots of exceptions that imo should be predicted by the DAW in a smart way). I.e i want some button to be global when i'm in a VST window, but not before the virtual keyboard and so on.
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