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Default Best linux rgb mechanical keyboard drivers, to be used as button midi controller

Which rgb mechanical keyboards have the best linux drivers?

For now I found only for Corsair products there is something, ckb-next:

And here the supported hardware list:

But there are maybe more, which I just did not discover yet? Any hints? What is very elegant in ckb-next, it has a command line option, this would be my must criteria, everything I should be able to control via the command line for maximum flexibility. If there is nothing similar, this means then almost, I can only buy one of the above products. I hope there will be more similar projects in future, also for other rgb mechanical competitive products. They use anyway mostly same mx cherry switches, I would take cherry MX brown switches for example.

Those would be best button based midi controller interfaces in my opinion, you could program all the lights, with any software in the background. Even via Reaper lua or python scripts led color control would be possible. For muting unmuting tracks would be the simplest use case scenario. Or some colors could blink in the tempo of the bpm.
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