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Most of those will have to wait, but I tackled a few today:

    + Fix group solo not working in some cases (was caused by broadcast blocking being non-property specific).
    + Added tweaking config setting for gradient alpha.
    + Added wire thickness config setting.
    + CTRL + A
    + Linked multi-hide also from dialog now.
    + Exposed pansize (Positive values scale with UI, negative values keep fixed size. A minimum size can also be specified).
    + Exposed font in config file.
    + Fix bug mutebox rendering (weird colors).
Just in case you are wondering about what is what in the config file.

Here's a list:

shadowAlpha      = 0.3     -- Alpha level of the drop shadow
shadowOffset     = 5       -- Offset of the drop shadow
textOutline      = 2       -- Text rendering on machines: 0 = inverse of bg color, 1 = outlined, 2 = white or black depending on bg color
textOutlineAlpha = 0.5     -- When outline is used, this sets the alpha level
muteButtonSize   = 0       -- When 0 mute button is autosized. When > 0 it is set to a predefined value.
sendAlpha        = .4      -- Alpha level of the send wires
parentAlpha      = 1       -- Alpha level of tracks that send to their parent
noiseFloor       = 36      -- Noise floor in the metering
metering         = 1       -- Show VU bars
gradientAlpha    = .08     -- How visible the gradient is
thickWireWidth   = .4      -- How wide a thick wire is
panSize          = 11      -- Negative numbers set a fixed pansize
minPanSize       = 4       -- Minimum size of pan widget
machineFont      = "Lucida Grande"
muteOrigX        = 0       -- Origin of the mute box X
muteOrigY        = 0       -- Origin of the mute box Y
muteWidth        = 25      -- Width of the mute box
muteHeight       = 12.5  -- Height of the mute box
Note that I also changed some of the defaults (mute origin is at 0 by default now for instance). If you want to see what the defaults now look like, you can temporarily rename your cfg file. This will just generate a new one.
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