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Default Anyone using E-RM Midiclock to slave sync Reaper?

Hi there,

I find Reaper great and I understand no piece of software can do everything. Having said that I wonder if someone can clarify something for me.

I am recording into Reaper using Korg Prologue 16's arpeggiator and BPM-LFO.
I have tried many different configurations but I cannot get Reaper and the Prologue to stay in sync. Over 2 minutes they become noticeably out of sync.
This is the same no matter if Reaper is the sync master or slave. I understand there are always issues with USB, MIDI jitter, latency.

However, I have tried the same setup with Ableton Live Lite and found it syncs perfectly when slaving to the Prologue clock. It's also perfect when using external sync from an Arturia Keystep sending clock to both Ableton and Prologue separately.

I have invested a good amount of time learning and becoming familiar with Reaper, bought the non-commercial license and I find it great to use so I don't want to move my entire workflow to Ableton. I don't think Ableton is as good as Reaper when it comes to mixing and producing, it's designed best for live performance.

My current workaround then is to record my playing into Ableton, then export the audio and import that into Reaper, where I find the tempo lines up perfectly. Unfortunately I don't then also get the MIDI recording which is good for working with harmony, melody, etc after recording.

It looks like to solve the sync issue with Reaper I need to buy another piece of gear.
I am looking at getting the E-RM Midiclock+ to hopefully solve the sync issue and allow me to work solely in Reaper. Is anyone using E-RM Midiclock as a master clock to slave Reaper to?

Does anyone know why Reaper might struggle in this area?

Thanks very much
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I've been trying this with Reaper and the Beatstep Pro. I kinda gave up and started doing a similar work around to you, but with bitwig and an external mixer. Not an ideal solution.

Reaper doesnt appear to like being a slave.
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