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Default MIDI item trim control instead of item velocity control?

For a waveform in the track control display, there is a line on every item that I can drag to adjust the volume. For a MIDI item, this same line adjusts the MIDI velocity.

That line is convenient because I can select multiple items and adjust their volume/velocity simultaneously. For example. I may have 2 tracks where their volume relative to each other is good, but they are both too loud. Adjusting their volumes individually risks altering their relative volume to each other.

I'm now in a situation where my sample library does not use velocity to control MIDI volume. That's handled by the MOD wheel.

My question: Is there a way to change the item velocity control line, into a trim control line? Or, is there a way that I can select multiple independent automation items and simultaneously increase / decrease their values? I don't want pooled automation items because the automation items still need to be otherwise independent.

[EDIT] I suspect I haven't explained the issue very well. Let me try it like this:

Is there a way, I can adjust CC1 (simply raise or lower all values) in an envelope lane, in the track control view, of multiple MIDI items simultaneously while keeping the CC1 automation items, or envelope points, otherwise independent?

If I could control-click select multiple automation items and then drag their points in unison, this would solve my problem but it seems I can't do that.

[EDIT2] Adding an image

I'm looking to either simultaneously select automation items 6 and 8 in the following image, and drag them both up and down, or better still, I'd like the line indicated by the arrow to be settable to control trim instead of velocity. I can already add a volume line to the MIDI item but adjusting the volume for a MIDI item in this way, has no effect.

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