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Default Tempo mapping and manipulation with SWS

SWS extension now includes a set of features for dealing with tempo. You might ask what's wrong with using native Reaper methods described in Tempo Mapping 101. Well, nothing really - features in SWS build on idea shown in that thread while trying to make the whole process easier without getting in your way.

Download here

Features and documentation:
Documentation can be found on wiki.cockos and is divided into two parts:

1. Tempo mapping
  • Accuracy (amount of tempo markers per measure) can be selected by the user
  • Possibility of gradual (and thus more human) tempo map
  • Use MIDI to create tempo map and hear the results immediately
  • Easier handling of songs with multiple time signatures

2. Tempo manipulation
  • Warp grid
  • Move tempo markers without doing a complete remap
  • Delete or change shape of tempo markers without disturbing the rest of the tempo map
  • Draw tempo map
  • Tools for managing gradual tempo changes
  • Select and adjust tempo in bulk
  • Increase density of the tempo map
  • Randomize tempo

3. Additional functionality:
  • User MusoBob has also developed a way to import tempo map from audio and fit any constant-tempo items to it, for more information read this post and the two posts following it

A lot of effort has been invested in this. If you seriously use it, please consider supporting the developer. Thanks!

Big thanks goes to user G-Sun for helping with the wiki and all the advice without which gradual tempo would never receive so much love!
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