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Default Reaper crashes on freezing an empty track if there is another empty track with plugin


1. Itís not the specific plugin. I can trigger it with another plugin as well.
2. It never happens if there is only one track with plugins.
3. In this setup, I can reproduce it in 100% of the times in Reaper.
4. I could not reproduce it at all either in Cubase 10 or Live 10.
5. I can reproduce it on multiple computers that have a similar but not the same setup, and not even the same Reaper version. (Latest vs. previous one).
6. It also happens often (but not always) when I try to open the project on which I worked for weeks. Thatís why I made a simple case to reproduce it. In the projects, the tracks are not empty.

All I did was freezing an empty track with an empty MIDI item and a turned off FX on it. (I used keyboard shortcuts to freeze/unfreeze except for the first time).

It started today. I did not install any plugin today.

Reaper has a hundred features I like a lot.

My favorite feature in any DAW is that I can open my project on which Iíve been working for a long time.

I think Iíve had enough.
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