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Default Sysex 32kb dump limit

I've been at this Sysex dumping lark for a bit now, working on info gleaned from this forum.
I have a Triton Classic hooked up to Reaper5.973 64bit on Win7 64bit.
Tritons trusty friend, the zip drive, is extinct and my last one packed in a few months back. I'd have loved to have gone the SDCardreader Diskdrive hotplug route but the guy who produced the kits seems to have vanished.
Despite that, I conclude it would be better to keep all relevant data within Reaper for archivable ease.

However, after trial and error dumping from Triton to Reaper, with various size dumps I read that the Sysex dump limit into reaper is 32kb hardcoded limit.
Since a single bank of Triton programs seems to exceed this limit, I of course got sysex errors dumping back into Triton.

A full Triton Sysex Dump-PCG, thats all Combi-banks, Prog-banks and Global settings comes in at just under 1MB, which seems infinitesimally small compared to todays Gargantuan multi-gigabyte culture, yet 1MB seems huge when talking about 32kb limits.
It was at this point that I decided to plonk myself down on my studio couch and contemplate the meaning of digital life with the aid of a good beverage.

Later on, I read about Midi-Ox which, once I'd figured out the best I/O buffer settings, all but solves things things for me and it is a fantastic piece of software, free for non-commercial use.


A few more experiments and Reaper threads later I was able to dump to Midi-Ox, save the sysex file, drag it into a Reaper Midi Track and dump to Triton on playback,
so its all dumpingly swell here.;-)
(Reapers 32kb limit only applies to incoming dumps as afaik)

However, I still wanted to see if I'd missed something on Reaper about the 32kb limit and discovered that ReaControl might be a better solution:


Great an' all as ReaControl is, still the same truncating issue with the 32kb limit on an incoming Sysex dump.

So, its really an educational question I'm asking, since the Midi-Ox file drag solution is fine really,
but I am wondering why the 32kb limit is hardcoded into Reaper?
and is there a setting I've missed or is it likely to changed in the future?



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Not sure if it helps, but 2 months ago I've made some SysEx related scripts/JSFX for one guy. They store last incoming messages into internal project memory and share it back with various ways (as midi item, as sysex item, or just raw midi data).
Search them by "sysex" filter in ReaPack.
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Since Sonar always had sysex bank manager, and so even my first Cakewalk Pro 3.0 in late 80's - it's a mystery that so few daws have this.

I have not tested to record large on a track, just used the manager - set manager on a slot on wait go to equipment and start dump. Tell when you want it sent - like when project load, or every playback start or similar as I recall.

And some fear the implications of sysex all together like StudioOne and plugin scripting like BlueCat Audio Plug'n Script that is said to allow midi programming - but still no support for sysex?

A lot of controllers for external need sysex - or you don't have access to everything.

This platform is rather neat to make your own controllers

If reason excluding is that risk is large that people just shove 100 KB items on tracks without thinking that 32 kbps is not 100 Mbps and will be done in a flash. It will basically halt playback.

200-300 bytes for a patch for a synth is no problem, but complete dumps is a special treat to handle is my guess.

The largest I came across was Hammond that were over 100 KB in one single dump. Luckily that model also had compact flash memory so did not need sysex for everyday use - puhhh.
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My, thats fantastic guys,
Thanks for that indeed.

I'll deffinitely check that out MPL.
Sounds like it could be a way to include it all in a single project.

Right now, midiox has me all set, since i can dump into midiox and drag to reaper, tested a few times, so I've no worries.

I'm sysex illiterate at all levels, and wouldn't be persuing it for any reason as my studio setup is very home-y now and not professional in any way really..

Does seem odd though that DAWs in general don't feature sysex accomdation more extensively as it is the basic lingo of at least keyboards in that way..
Like ok, you might have to wait a good 5-10 minutes nowadays for a full transfer, but like at least you're confident that you can keep it all in the one place, even if an initial heavy sysex load maybe a sync killer, once its in, its done and you can then mute, or even preload on a sub-project and its done.

Thanks again guys.

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