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Default File HELP!

My old recording computer had some issues. We ended up replacing the OS drive. That computer had 3 drive (one for music/Reaper files, which were also backed up on another external) After getting it up and running, I noticed that several of the files wouldn't play..."wav file not found". Now, this was a LONG time ago, but I think I remember (one day, for no good reason) changing some part (and I'm really foggy on all of this) of the save chain? To the "music drive". The latter files play, but the early ones don't now.

Now, that recording computer is having problems again (clearly, not the OS drive...lol) however, I do still have the OS drive and bought a HD dock. What files am I missing from those early songs and can they be found on that original OS drive?

Any help would be MOST appreciated! Thus far, I've lost a lot of good music
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Does it tell you the path to the file it can't find?

When I have had this happen, it usually says something like "Cannot find C:\Users\lunker\music\reaper\songs\song1\bass.wav" and then allows me to browse for the file.

Usually the problem is obvious, like I moved all my Reaper files from "C:\Users\lunker\music\reaper" to "E:\Reaper" a while ago. Knowing that, it is pretty easy for me to find the new location of the missing file.

Hopefully, if it tells you what file it is looking for, you can figure out where the file is on that old drive, and copy it to the new drive and then tell Reaper to use the new file.
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If you open the "View>Project Media/FX Bay" window there should be a list of the names of all the Media files you need to find. It's then a matter of searching all of your drives for those file names.
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Thank you VERY much guys! I found all that were there. There was one song that was just empty...not sure what that was about, but I certainly just rescued a PILE! Whoo hoo!
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