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Default Plugin that hosts a plugin

I'm wondering if there are frameworks or examples of this in it's simplest form.
I only want to host one particular plugin (Access Virus for Powercore) which is VST2.4 and presumably the host plugin would be VST2.4 also.

The reason I want to do this is because my favourite DAWs (Ableton and Bitwig) both have very poor MIDI i/o capabilities. Its a very sad story but neither supports Sysex(!!!) among other travesties, in particular neither passes PolyAT. The Access Virus plugin is fully controller mapped (using CC's as well as PolyAftertouch to control every parameter ~200 of them).
My wrapper plugin would have it's own midi port to communicate with a h/w control surface or other software.
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Hmm, so Reaper is, at best, your third favourite DAW.

Have a look at:

Edit: Oops, no Sysex ?
DarkStar ... interesting, if true. Inspired by ...

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Wow, Patchwork appears to provide a solution to my request and then some!!!
Remote control looks interesting too.
I'll be trying the demos of these.
Thanks so much for the hint!

Edit: because Access Virus Powercore receives CC (and PolyAT) complete control is available. I'm coding a VST that connects to an external midi port and can load the synth from incoming Sysex and file i/o by converting the parameter data into CC (and AT) data. So I'm interested in whether Patchwork passes AT messages which I'll find out with the demo.

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