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Default PathSync v0.33c (Unofficial Version) -

Update: Justin released these as v0.34, get that one instead



I started with the version of PathSync that Brennan Underwood uploaded to the forums and labelled 0.33b. I've called my version 0.33c.

Apart from a couple of small bugfixes, I added the following:

- Heirachies of folders can be synchronized, doesn't matter whether or not the folders are empty (can be disabled by the user by unchecking the 'Sync Folders' checkbox).
- Files or folders in the list can be opened with the right-click context menu (uses a shell 'open' command) or compared (user-selectable diff-tool).
- The actions that appear in the UI for creating and deleting files are now "Create Remote", "Delete Remote", etc. rather than just "Local->Remote"- which makes it a lot more obvious to the user when a file is going to be deleted.

New source (only pathsync.cpp and res.rc were changed) and binaries are in the zip file. Hopefully others will find these changes useful too, the folder sync was requested a couple of times.

I've sent this version to Justin, but he may not have the time or inclination to release another 'official' version. I saw in another post that someone suggested using Sourceforge or similar to track code changes. This seems like a great idea to me- I'd be happy to set up a project on Sourceforge.

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