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Default Just a thought...

Being somewhat of an old codger means i come from a background whereby i started with a desk and a tape machine. Now, as I'm constructing tracks in a DAW the interface, so long as it works efficiently, it is one of those things that really isn't that much of an issue.

However, when mixing down i do miss the "Feel" of having a desk and a tape machine "in the room with me". Ergo, the thought strikes me, it would be lovely to have an interface that is a simple representation of a "real world desk" and a little tape machine that has a roll of tape running on spools off to oneside. Maybe even the ability to "Zoom in" on individual tracks on the desk showing their routings and settings for fine adjusments..

Given, in a couple of years, we will all most likely be using 24 inch plus screens, or a combination of two 22inch etc, it would be nice to have a graphical representation that actually looks like an "Old fashioned" studio.

Ok it's a totally niche thing maybe, but i have a feeling the first people to give us this sort of "graphical representation" of a studio will find even those curmudgeonly old gits like me will enjoy the whole DAW experience on a more "tactile level".
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