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Default new 160bpm Jungle-style Electronic track "Fantasie in Bb"


Really don't know what to call tracks sometimes. It is in Bb, and it does have that ethereal dreamy sound. It's fast and sort of intense yet mellow and relaxing.

Once again Reaper makes it fun and easy to do drum edits. I like to use the Butterworth filter on about anything, it is very smooth. Paranoia mangler can do some great things, and I almost started to glitch-out the whole drum track but left it more plain. I added two guitar effects through the keyboard which has been really nice, because I can't find a satisfying delay or reverb plugin. A TC analog delay called Echobrain which works well. Also a Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain to add reverb, it has a nice tremolo and the tone knob helps bring out the sounds. (both used, not breakin the bank for this stuff)

All the sounds and music and even the bassline came from the casio ctk-2090, with the lead being a high-pitched sine bass line which is like my favorite lead sound ever.

Well, hope you like it! Onto the next one

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You have the chops Sir

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