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Default Name subproject prior to creating it

Allow naming a subproject when calling the action "Move to new subproject".

The benefit would be that you don't have to first create the subproject, wait for all the effects to load, render to complete, and then rename the project manually (hence waiting one more time for all of that), and also delete the first subproject rpp manually. So many unnecessary steps and waiting can be eliminated by a simple naming option.

This can be implemented by showing a pop up window when calling the action "Move to new subproject". The default generated name can be given in this window for people who doesn't want to bother renaming their subprojects.

An extension to this request would be choosing the folder for the subproject, but that's another request.
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I also had to manually delete the old subproject files
after renaming.

A naming before creating the subproject would be much
more elegant!
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I've gotten into this trap as well. Would like to see a way to rename subproject, either before or after it has been created.
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