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Default Producer`s collaboration workflow in REAPER?

Hello everyone!
Im looking to optimize the co-working process with my band mate with the simultaneous access to the different parts of project by both users!

Imagine the situtation:
Producer A comes with the idea of harmony and vocals..and he is recording the vocals and the moment
Producer B is looking for good drums..and can check out what is going on with vocals from time to time

The main project can be devided by two subprojects and every of users should have access to his peer`s subproject to hear what is going on

Regular Subproject workflow doesnot help cause it reguires rendering the whole project every time where there is an update in subproject (when its saved)
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The problem:
Reaper doesn't know the other project or its audio files have changed. So what you see only reflects what you loaded plus your edits. Even if someone else adds audio files to the drive, your project does know about them. When you save your edits, it overwrite the other guys project. It's a difficult problem. Microsoft figured out how to do it in Excel after 25 years, which might be taken as an indicator of how difficult the problem is.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea. Just one that doesn't easily work in existing operating systems and programs that run under them; they need to be designed from the bottom up to do this.
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I think you'd need to split it into separate projects. If you have both people and machines in the same vicinity, you can try syncing playback between them via MTC or LTC (right click play button for the sync options).

Or you could save tracks as templates with the items included into a shared folder whenever they're ready to share. ResilioSync is free and good for this.
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Most advanced REAPER collab I found is https://www.mucol.ch/ but it may be too hard to set up / used because of REAPER limitations.


I didn't try it but maybe it will be useful to you.
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