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Hi there: I'm having a recurring problem with recording tracks saving them and then not being able to access them... Saw & heard the incoming signal as it recorded. Saved each track from each take after naming them. Now all those files are greyed out and un accessible to playback or edit. The strange thing is that 4 of them play under the project file name even though they're greyed out in the file list. I know all tracks recorded. I did exactly the same process/sequence for each take. I'm in a pretty serious quandary regarding what the hell can be done about it. I'm finding "help" to be not so much. and alternative avenues generally clear as mud.. ANYONE experience this malady ? How does one remedy the situation?
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Topic title: Some of the recorded files unaccessible.

How exactly do you save your projects/recorded files and where? What do you mean by greyed out files? From where are you trying to access those files?

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I recorded two live tracks.. 2 mics strategically placed in the rehearsal room. Created a project file naming it LOH rehearsal 6/23. Recorded 6 songs stopping, naming and saving each take. When I went to playback the tracks.. file "open" the project file is sitting there plain as day but the separated takes are all listed in grey in the project file list. Opening the project file shows where the takes are and even plays back abbreviated partial takes of what I know damn well was recorded. All toward the end of the session.. and get this.. what's able to playback is completely out of sequence. The last takes we recorded play first but only partially and another 3 takes partially playback but also completely out of recorded sequence..I don't get it...
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Why didn't you continue the conversation from a year ago here? Step number one was to address what xpander and hopi had told you then.
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