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Default Idea for my first JS MIDI effect

Hi all,

I am taking a look at writing my on MIDI JS effect. I have a little VB6 background and very little C, so the syntax is a pain right now. Here is my idea- I don't need anyone to write it for me just some helpful hints and thoughts would be great.

I want to take any MIDI note on message and ignore the Velocity. Then generate a random velocity from 1 to 6 (Velo = rand(5)+1 right?). Then store this value in a variable (like tempVelo). Then compare this to the previous rndom value (if there was one) and if it is the same then go back through the random function to get a new one (loop until I get a different one). The finally I want to 'play' the original MIDI note with the new Velocity.

Make any sense??? I wan't to use it to trigger pseudo round robing guitar samples. Real 'velocity' doesn't matter- I am using SampleTank to hold/play the samples which are loaded with velocity layers but not really velocity sampled just 'alternate' samples.

I hope this makes some sense and anything who can point me in the right direction would be great.

Comp Specs: WIN XPSP3, Q6600, ASUSP5K, 3 GB PC6400 RAM, Focusrite Saffire, AlphaTrack, lots of plugins and hardware.
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