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I've been listening to pop music lately (eg: Britney Spears Circus album - Not sure who did it, but hats off to whomever.), and would love to learn that song broken down via a series of videos. I'd pay for it and/or purchase the needed plugins. Shoot me an email at brenthathawaymusic@gmail.com as I don't get on the boards much lately. Too busy with music!

Thanks Kenny and whomever!
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Kenny, just discovered your trove of training vids, led there by folks on this forum. Very interested to watch a lot of these. First watched "How To Watch ...", second watched the Intro vid under First MIDI Song.
Already I find myself in a pickle. Where Reaper appears to give you a fresh project to work with, and I want to follow your moves with my own fresh project, Reaper seems to give me a new project laden with setup choices I made a few minutes ago, when I didn't know what I was doing. For example, you docked your mixer and it looked good there on the left Mine's got empty shelves above it, into the tracks area. Doesn't look good. How can I start fresh? Get Reaper to give me a new project, as if I'd never been there before? Also, I love that you've got a virtual MIDI keyboard that looks like a piano with ivories. Reaper's giving me a more generic key-look.
many thanks,
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Default Kenny

Your videos are awesome! Much appreciated.
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Kenny hasn't been around much lately... he's probably been really busy making videos for v6...
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Originally Posted by DZibman View Post
Your videos are awesome! Much appreciated.
Totally agree. I just learned how to midi control a 6 tap ReaDelay with separate midi channel controlling each tap. Couldn't have figured it out without the light bulb moments I got from watching your video clip. Your clips are very well made, and you have a real knack for explaining things in concise layman's terms.

Bookmarked and I'm a fan! THANK YOU Kenny Gioia!
I'm not a real expert, I only play one on TGP.
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Yup....Kenny you’re the best. I have learned so much from you. I always get excited when I see a new video available from you. Thanks a million.
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Default Video “How to” using inserted new midi note names in Reaper

Kenny, Love your intuitive videos.
Is there a video as stated in my title using midi note maps from Reaper stash.
I am pretty new at this midi stuff
Thanks again Kenny
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These videos are A++. �� ��

Typically I listen to these at 1.5x or 2x playback speed on youtube. For musical parts I switch back to 1.0x. Using faster watching speeds really makes absorbing the howto's really quick.
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Default Amazing

Kenny, I am so glad that you have taken the time to make all of these videos. Thanks you!
Thanks a bazillion,
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Kenny Gioia
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Hey Kenny,

Over the past few years, we have seen what a great contribution you have made to the Reaper community with your terrific tutorials.

You have a wonderful way of putting over the subject at hand in a clear and succinct
manner. Your delivery is warm and enthusiastic and many of us haven't thanked you enough.

So --- a big thank you Kenny. Speaking for myself I learned a lot from your videos
and always found now matter how complex the topic --- you always made it seem totally understandable.

All the best mate --- keep up the great work.


Its never too late to be happy. :)
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