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Default can I fix my mistake on recording level ?

I'm learning a lot while using Reaper but this piece of soft is so rich that mistakes are unavoidable by a newbie that I am. And I'm almost ashamed to say that I though the volume level slider of the track, controls the recording level!
And I'm here to ask you if there is any way to save/fix my guitar and vocal recorded tracks without having to record them again.

I somehow managed to record all my 4 tracks drum, bass, guitar, vocal without any of them going into the red zone while keeping them often in the orange zone. I think I just adjusted (wrongly) the tracks' levels to be in the green and orange zones. So, I suppose that I should have done those adjustments with the input level coming out of my Line6 UX2 sound USB card(used for both guitar and mic input).
After recording, I played the whole 4 tracks in Reaper and saw some clipping on different parts of the guitar and vocal tracks. So I lowered the level via the take's volume level to fix them.

Question 1: can this be considered as a fix ? I ask this because I didn't change anything in the real "recorded" sound, but just lowered the level afterward so that when playing back (or rendering), the level never goes to the red zone. That is, clipping actually occurred, I just tried to fix it afterward.

Question 2: My drum and bass tracks are MIDI virtual instruments (VSTi). When opening their FX windows, I can control the sound level of each virtual drum and bass within those windows. Are those levels considered as "input" levels that I should control to not clip ?

Question 3: It is easy for virtual MIDI instruments to find the best volume levels to not clip and in the same time to get them somewhere between green and orange zone (and leave them always in those positions). This is harder with guitar (because I can change the volume on guitar accidentally) and vocals (because I haven't any volume level in my throat!). Anyway, this makes me think that each track should be recorded to not clip at recording time without any consideration on their relative levels between each other at this step. Then, at mixing time (just before rendering) I should use the tracks' sliders to control the level of each track relative to the others. This time, I should watch the master control to avoid clipping at this step (when mixing/rendering) by too much rising a track'slider level. Is this the correct way to do things ?

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