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Default Interesting colour controls - Nuendo 5

I've uploaded a GIF of considerable size here :


6 MB.

It shows the colour configuration controls of Nuendo 5, which sadly require a restart of the application when changing. Could something like this be useful in Reaper ? It might. But how could it work ?
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And here is the tracker request for your voting pleasure!


(IMO, this is a *killer* feature that turns a single theme into dozens... and is also great for keeping a theme that you love, but having variations for day or night use, for mixing or composing etc..)

How it would work?

1) Load the theme bitmaps into RAM.

2) Apply the color processing -once- to the loaded bitmaps.

3) Done, no performance hit in actual use. (just more complex programming for the devs)

Can you imagine... one makes a great theme in grey, and you get to make it whatever color you want, however bright or dark you want. Killer feature... but I already said that.

oh, and multiple presets-per-theme would be great!

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I would love this... The default theme IMO is the easiest to work with as far as button styles and contrast between the UI elements goes, but being able to easily alter the color scheme for the whole interface would be so fantastic!
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