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The question is actually, do you experience any problems with your system? Updates are meant to fix something. I'm one of those guys - if it works, leave it .

However, SP3 is kinda worth the update, even though my PC's worked quite well with the SP2 version of XP. It just feels a little faster now. But I'd always recommend to start from scratch e.g. install Windows XP SP3, not just update it and watch how many unnecessary stuff you install next time as Windows get clogged [registry gets clogged actually] and slow rather quickly installing, reinstalling, uninstalling stuff. Registry is the most important part of Windows and if it gets clogged, you get a slow system. Keeping the registry as clean as possible is the best way to keep your Windows work nicely, the way like when you freshly installed it.

Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.
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Hi Dux,

Hope all is well with you.
A quick question:

I'm not sure if you are using XP64 on any of your machines..
I know I am. You will know that I've Dux'd XP64.

I'm experimenting with building a 1:1 ratio multi-touch projector/table to use as a control surface with a Wiimote built into the casing. It seems at first sight to be an elegant solution because it won't need any significant cooling. It will be lit with LED lighting, so it will be pretty much silent.

The Wiimote Whiteboard program is ideal for the purpose having 4 possible simultaneous touches - and it is open source.
It requires .net framework to be installed, but when I install the framework, CPU utilization goes up to around 50% across all 4 cores without any apps running. I'm sure that something must be constantly calling something else. I'm sure that .net shouldn't cause any overhead unless it is being used for something more than Taskmanager!

Do you know if it relies on any services which are removed in your Nlite setup? Could it be looking for a service, or services which aren't there?

i7 950, 12gig 1600ddr3, lots of SSD, Fireface UFX, BM5a, JBL LSR6632, OctopreLE x2, Customised Soundcraft 8000, and proud, paid up Reaper user.

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