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Default Heavy Metal (no, not that Heavy Metal)

Hi Peeps

I can't remember if I have posted and of my own stuff here. If I did it would have been some time ago and when I search this forum for my artist name nothing shows up. Reason being, I guess, is who on earth wants to listen to ambient stuff? Quite a limited audience and most Peeps here seem to be working on "proper" stuff.

Anyway, my latest album (second this month) is called Heavy Metal and is a collection of six, ten minute "dronescapes" that I created with my Eurorack modular system, guitar and a collection of "in the box" effects, most notably Adaptiverb, which I love to bits.

And, of course, REAPER, which has become my main (only really) DAW since the demise of SONAR and Studio One (which doesn't work with high resolution monitors).

So, just in case anyone may be interested in having a listen, here is the Bandcamp link:-



Bandcamp // YouTube // SoundCloud
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