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Default How can I 'widen' the sound of my electric piano?

Hey, All:

I've been learning a lot from Kenny Gioia mostly (Thanks Kenny-Your videos are EASY to follow!)

So, now I wanna check myself to see if I did something right and get ideas about my piano solo in my song.

The song is 'Yellow' from Coldplay.

In the song there is an electric piano solo that happens a couple times.

I get pre-recorded music I sing to and want to bring the piano to the front of the mix wile it plays.

1-I first just played it and it peaked at +1.0.
2-I put the JS: volume/Pan Smoother v5 and set it to -1.0
3-I have and like the Waves CLA-2A compressor. It has a preset for a piano so I set it there
4-I put the JS: Event Horizon Limiter (ceiling= -0.1 & Threshold = -5.8)

By doing these steps I am happy with the volume level. The meter is hitting right at -0.1...

However, 'As Is' the electric piano sounds 'narrow' to me and I'd like to make it sound just a tad more 'full' and 'wide'. I'm more than sure there is a few things I can do.

I would be grateful for your ideas on this one?
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Try Izotope Imager free VST


Or Polyverse Music Wider

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JS:Ozzyfier stereo chorus could work well for electric piano too.
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JS: Stereo Enhancer
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Or double track the piano - play another take, use a slightly different sound.
Then pan as hard as you like.
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