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Default QUESTION: Selecting Multiple Volume Envelope Points

Hello folks, I have been a long time reader of this forum and created a new profile just today as I have a question regarding selecting automation points.

I have a session where I need to select or group a section of volume automation points in a vocal recording on one track and lower this section by a certain amount. This needs to take place for just the specific section. The rest of the track is perfect.

How does one specify, select and control several automation points at once. These are, by the way, all beside each other.

I have looked through past forum questions regarding similar situations but have seen nothing to this scenario.

Your answers will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!
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click on the envelope track, right-click-drag marquee select the points you wish to move, and then hover over one of the points till the cursor is a move cursor and then left click drag to move all points at once.
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Another option, if the envelope is displayed in its own lane, is simply to mark the time selection that you want to adjust and use the envelope fader horizontal control in the envelope panel to the left of the envelope.
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Hi Shok, and welcome!

Marquee (lasso) the points you want by right-click dragging over them, then click-hold one of those points and drag to the new location. Holding just one of those selected points will move all of them together. If, instead, you hold on the line, it will only move that section.

Another little tip: If you want to create two points quickly, just make a time selection (in your automation lane) where you want new points to be, then just drag that section up or down, and it will create end points, so that only the section you wanted to move will move.

And another thing that's important to me, is if you want to raise or lower the entire automation on the track, just enlarge the track so that you can see the automation fader on the automation lane, then move it accordingly.

Edit: By the time I typed and posted, you already got your answers!
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Hey guys!!

Just curious, out of all these amazing ways of Automating envelop and selcting them, there is still NO way after you Select Different Envelop points to SET Value for all right? Because I tried many times, when I go exampl and Select all the Points Value of lets say Volume and decide to Set a value at one for all like 3.33 , only the first Point out of the other selected Envelop point get that Value.

If I recall this issue has been brought and been asked to Cockos Dev to make this possible and so far : NADA

I'm just asking here in case there is a work around

Thanx in advance
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Originally Posted by Solar View Post
Just curious, out of all these amazing ways of Automating envelop and selcting them, there is still NO way ...
... (piggyback, sorry Solar)... to select and move nodes across multiple automation lanes at the same time? I seem to only still be able to select/move one set of automation events at a time, even if they're all shown in the media lane.

Example: I automate EQ changes a lot so I want to tweak the positioning of those various changes, it might be 5-6 changes at the same place. I want to select them all, all the nodes across multiple lanes, and just move them all at once.

Is that possible? Thanks.
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We´re in 2019 and still not possible . I made a post yesterday regarding this issue.
Maybe someone will help

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