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Default Automation bug

I want to record automation on my plugins directly from midi CC to the envelopes without using midi learn, but it seems to be a bug there.


1 - Put a reacontrol on track FX.

2 - Enable and set first slider to CC 74. This is the same CC as my hardware synth has for cutoff.

3 - Turn the knob on hardware synth and everything looks like it works fine, the slider on reacontrol moves accordingly.

4 - Enable write automation and turn knob on hardware synth - slider moves on reacontrol but the automation is not written.

5 - Move the slider on reacontrol with mouse (not from hardware controller)- automation write works just fine.

My conclusion is that there is a bug in reaper: it can not handle recording of automation from external CC properly. The strange thing is if I bind the slider thru the learn feature it works just fine (I can not use the learn feature for several reasons).
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