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Sound asleep
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imagine your waveform. spikes up and down. then you have the threshold control this sets if you imagine a horizontal dotted line moving up or down compared to your peaks. then you have your ratio, which to what degree the peaks above that line get squished down towards it. a limiter has that set to infinity, in other words the line chops off the top of the peaks. usually this would sound horrible but plugins that have come out do amazing jobs at making it sound great despite this.

so, yes, you squish down a portion so that you can make the whole louder without going over your 0db limit.

the attack option, sets how long to wait after the peaks have passed over the threshold line before beginning to compress. the release, similar deal but how long to stop compressing after the peaks stop going over the threshold line. except now you got me a little unsure about that now that i think of it. maybe the release time is set from the point the peaks have gone over the threshold? i think it's after they've dropped back down though.

that's the gist of it. oh except for the knee which is also common and this basically makes that line not a line but a grey area where the compression will slowly kick in through that grey area until it's fully active to the settings you set.
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Originally Posted by Sound asleep View Post
I read a book on mixing audio called.... mixing audio concepts practices and tools by roey izhaki. this book i found explain really well how the effects worked, what exactly the compressor is doing and what the attack and release controls and stuff like that are doing.
+1 , that´s a good book imo.
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