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Default [5.978/x64] Count-in sometimes does not work

Type of issue:
Behaviour contrary to documentation

System Specifications:
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Reaper: 5.978 x64

Description of issue:
With metronome enabled and count in measures filled in, it *sometimes* fails to count in before recording. This appears to happen when switching to another part of the song with a different time signature/tempo. I place the play head at a measure, and click record. *Sometimes* it simply dives right into recording without counting in. However, clicking stop, then clicking record again correctly counts in.
I have not quite got a full repro scenario figured out, but it happens often enough during recording that it is frustrating.
Note my projects tend to have a lot of tempo and time signature changes. I think that may have some effect on it.

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Digging up this old post. I finally captured the problem on a screen recording. It only happens sometimes. It has happened on multiple projects, but again, only randomly.

Here are the metronome settings. As you can see it should count in 2 measures before recording.

In this screen recording, you can see the first time I click record, it records immediately without a count-in metronome. After stopping it, then click record again, the metronome counts in correctly.

It usually works fine for a while upon opening the song project. However, it usually starts happening after I move to a different section of the song (usually involving a tempo or time signature change). When I click record this time, it might happen then. Once it starts happening, it happens every time I switch to a different part of the song and click record. This behavior continues until I close and restart REAPER.

I would be happy to send a copy of my project if needed. I am a software dev so I realize it's hard to diagnose a problem if you can't repro it. I would also be glad to do any diagnostics on my side that might help.


p.s. still happening on Reaper version 5.985 x64
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