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Default Slider Types programming Examples

Hello all there,

im new here because i have a Problem or a Question with the regular slider Code.

im About to create JS Controller Plugins for all my Hardware. I have realized cc, sysex, sysex with checksum (Roland), Nrpn Slider. For Mixer and Synthies.

At my last Plugin for the DSI Tetra 4 i have checked that when the sequencer starts , some slider values will be send through the sequencer and to the Hardware. The sequencer starts with puffering and delayed and the Sound will be sometimes changed from the synth.

Now my Question, is it possible to create a type of slider which are not send at start, means they are send only when i Change a value ?

im using:

(slider8 != oldslider8) ?
msgbuf[0] = $x00;
msgbuf[1] = $x20;
msgbuf[2] = $x32;
msgbuf[3] = $x00;
msgbuf[4] = $x0b;
msgbuf[5] = $x20;
msgbuf[6] = $x01;

msgbuf[7] = floor(slider1); // Channel

msgbuf[8] = Feqlowfreq; // Funktion
msgbuf[9] = floor(slider8) / 256; // Wert über 256
msgbuf[10] = floor(slider8); // Wert

oldslider8 = slider8;


in the Reaper JSFX Programming Manual is written:

The code in the @slider section gets executed following an @init, or when a parameter (slider) changes. Ideally code in here should detect when a slider has changed, and adapt to the new parameters (ideally avoiding clicks or glitches). The parameters defined with sliderX: can be read using the variables sliderX.

Point: Ideally code in here should detect when a slider has changed, and adapt to the new parameters (ideally avoiding clicks or glitches).

Is it possible to Code a slider without this functions ?

Or Maybe i understand it wrong. ;-)

Thanks and best Regards
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You might want to set ext_noinit=1 which will stop @init being called so much...

Context: @init only
Set this variable to 1.0 in your @init section if you do not wish for @init to be called (and variables/RAM to be possibly cleared) on every transport start
If that's not enough then you could try something like this to prevent changes being sent when the plugin loads...


init_done ?
   slider8 != oldslider8 ?



init_done = 1;
To avoid clicks/glitches you can use a one-pole filter to transition smoothly to the new value over a period of time. Here's a good explanation in the snippets thread...https://forum.cockos.com/showpost.ph...0&postcount=60
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