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Default v5.0pre1 - December 21 2014


(edit from Justin):

Video: improvements, effect support, dockable video window, OSX 10.7+ AVFoundation decoding support
Video: timecode ruler improvements
ReaScript: integrated development environment (IDE)
ReaScript: Lua support
Theme: a new theme, a work in progress of course
VST3 support
Sample accurate automation support for JSFX
Metronome beat patterns
OGG Opus support
v5.0pre1 - December 21 2014

+ API: added Get/SetProjExtState, so reascripts and extensions can save data with the project
+ API: improved MIDI support
+ Action list: merged columns 'Cmd Id' and 'Custom ID'
+ Appearance: added theme tweak window (and removed outdated preferences pane)
+ Appearance: improved theme color tinting support (requires 'version 5' in rtconfig)
+ Appearance: themes can override tint/peaks preferences (such prefs will be disabled in the preferences if so) via rtconfig 'tcptint' and 'peaksedges')
+ Automation: internal changes and performance improvements to FX parameter automation
+ Automation: more consistent behavior when changing FX preset
+ Automation: new volume envelope type that mimics track fader scaling
+ Automation: warn user when changing volume envelope type, because linear envelope transitions will generate different audio depending on the scaling
+ Buffering: updated default worker thread scheduling logic
+ Default preference change: enable 'ignore mouse wheel on all faders'
+ Default preference change: enable 'inform plug-ins of offline rendering state'
+ Do not automatically enable MIDI vol/pan faders when creating MIDI-only sends/receives [t=94841]
+ FX: support for parameters with inverted ranges
+ JS: sample-accurate automation support (individual FX can see the queue of scheduled automation changes while processing an audio buffer block)
+ JSFX: added support for slider minimums being greater than maximums
+ JSFX: editor improvements (scrollbars, multiple editing panes, etc)
+ Metronome: beat patterns can be configured by the user
+ Metronome: new beat patterns can be specified whenever the time signature changes
+ More toolbars
+ OGG Vobis: support chained files with heterogeneous channel count
+ Opus support (
+ Parameter modulation: user-adjustable LFO phase
+ Project tabs: fixed hide/restore of input FX windows on tab switch
+ ReaScript: graphics/UI API (gfx*) extended, added support for Lua
+ ReaScript: integrated Lua 5.3 scripting support
+ ReaScript: new IDE supports syntax highlighting, multiple editing panes, watch lists, structure matching, and more
+ ReaScript: support for running scripts within an integrated development environment (IDE)
+ Ruler/Grid: improved display for frame grid and HH:MM:SS:FF
+ Screensets: better project tab support for FX
+ Screensets: fixed screenset issues with input FX and hardware FX
+ Theming: scrollbar_2 and scrollbar_3 images can override scrollbar images for arrange and MIDI editor respectively
+ VST3: added VST3 support
+ Video: allow user configurable video decoder priorities with per-extension controls
+ Video: configurable video output display latency
+ Video: dockable video window
+ Video: per-source option to not decode audio for video files
+ Video: pooled audio decoders, reducing RAM use for heavily edited videos
+ Video: project framerate is used instead of media framerate to determine display timing
+ Video: projects can now specify preferred video width/height/colorspace, resizing options
+ Video: realtime programmable (EEL) effect processors insertable as track and item FX, items
+ Video: support for AVFoundation video encoding/decoding on OSX 10.7+
# Fixed toolbar docker sometimes opened with wrong tabs/toolbars

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