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Default on own project doesn't compile

I need some help. Just learning c++ and all this stuff and set up a testbed plugin, which somehow works now quite nice. Now I thought, to implement some other ideas, I could duplicate my project jsut to have my code as a basic step for further tweaking. Let me show this, I want to duplicate the project "SRChannel" to "SRExample".

First thing is, seems to have a problem with some git stuff, don't know if this causes the problem since I didn't set up git by now:

copying gitignore template into project folder
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 181, in <module>
  File "", line 176, in main
    copy('gitignore_template', output + "/.gitignore")
  File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\", line 133, in copy
    copyfile(src, dst)
  File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\", line 96, in copyfile
    with open(src, 'rb') as fsrc:
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'gitignore_template'
Now I want to compile it. I change the plugin ID, now it should compile but it sais:

3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\wdl\iplug\iplug_include_in_plug_src.h(278): error C2061: Syntaxfehler: Bezeichner "SRChannel"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(2): warning C4005: "PLUG_NAME": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(2): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_NAME"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(4): warning C4005: "PLUG_CLASS_NAME": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(4): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_CLASS_NAME"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(7): warning C4005: "BUNDLE_NAME": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(7): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "BUNDLE_NAME"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(9): warning C4005: "PLUG_ENTRY": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(9): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_ENTRY"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(10): warning C4005: "PLUG_FACTORY": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(10): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_FACTORY"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(11): warning C4005: "PLUG_VIEW_ENTRY": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(11): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_VIEW_ENTRY"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(13): warning C4005: "PLUG_ENTRY_STR": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(13): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_ENTRY_STR"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(14): warning C4005: "PLUG_VIEW_ENTRY_STR": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(14): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_VIEW_ENTRY_STR"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(16): warning C4005: "VIEW_CLASS": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(16): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "VIEW_CLASS"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(17): warning C4005: "VIEW_CLASS_STR": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(17): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "VIEW_CLASS_STR"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(27): warning C4005: "PLUG_UNIQUE_ID": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(27): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_UNIQUE_ID"
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srexamples\resource.h(40): warning C4005: "PLUG_NAME_PT": Makro-Neudefinition
3>e:\dsp\wdl-ol\projects\srchannel\resource.h(40): note: Siehe vorherige Definition von "PLUG_NAME_PT"
(non German speaker: note: see previous definition of: X; [...] warning C4005: "YZ": new macro definition)

For my newby eyes it looks like the project is using both resources.h files from either projects, but I can't find the place where this is stated. No plain text file in the project contains the path to the old project.

Can someone help?

(using VS 2017 on Win 10)

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Human being with feelings
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Can't help with the Python part but just FYI, there's another way to copy iPlug projects which works fine for me (Win only though).
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