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Default Win 7 Sharing wonky

I suspect my issue is with Win 7 sharing or type of network and I know that your job is NOT to support Win 7 issues, but I am just not sure where else to turn. If you think you've seen this situation before - I'm sure this is a rookie mistake - please let me know.

I'm sync-ing several folders and files between my desktop (Win 7 64-bit Ult) and my laptop(Win 7 64-bit Ult)

Running PathSync v0.35 from the desktop:
PathSync can copy files from the laptop to the desktop,
PathSync cannot copy files from the desktop to the laptop,
producing: Error opening tmpdest: <filename>.PSYN_TMP.

Running PathSync v0.35 from the laptop:
PathSync can copy files from the desktop to the laptop,
PathSync cannot copy files from the laptop to the desktop,
producing: Error opening tmpdest: <filename>.PSYN_TMP.

That's why I think it is a Win7 permissions issue of some sort. I know the work around is to run PathSync from both machines, but I'm sure I wouldn't have to if I was better at troubleshooting, smarter, knew my system better, wouldn't get so angry, etc. etc.

Against my better judgement I have shared both machines' D drive (read and write) and have set my network to HOME on both machines too.

Anyhow, any help would be appreciated.
Dell XPS 9000 (i7 CPU 920@2.67GHz) BIOS A16, 12GB RAM, Win7 Ult-64.
Yamaha KX8 Midi, M-Audio Profire610, Finale 2011b.r2, Reaper(registered).

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