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Default Two small suggestions

1) It would be useful to have a per-track toggle setting for "Always show in mixer." Sometimes there's an oddball track that you want to see, but you don't want all it's siblings. Maybe a checkable item in the track context menu, or clicking on the little square with the track number?

2) A "Render folder tracks as stems" option in the render menu would be cool. Right now you have to ctrl-click the folders one by one, since displaying only folders in the mixer and then shift-clicking selects the tracks inside the folders too (is this intended behavior)? If shift-clicking the mixer tracks selected only the visible tracks, the render option wouldn't be needed.

I used 0.935 to track some vocals today and it worked beautifully. It's come a long way since 0.45 two months ago.

Also, two worlds collided at my recording session; we had a borrowed Neumann U87 and were monitoring through a boombox.

P.S. I think the better REAPER gets, the more likely it is to piss my girlfriend off...

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