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Default Resizing blur presets

Today I tried to hack the blur presets code a bit so that it can be restricted to a box and positioned anywhere.

pretty simple, just add some parameters

//@param11:pos_x 'Position X' 0 0 2560 1280 1
//@param12:pos_y 'Position Y' 0 0 1440 1920 1
//@param13:size_x 'Size X ' 1 1 100 50 0.1
//@param14:size_y 'Size Y ' 1 1 100 50 0.1
and change the line with gfx_eval… to

Unfortunately there are some major artifacts when doing this

Probably something obvious I'm missing. Please make it better!
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Holy Banana! (⊙_◎)

Haven't seen that post until now.

I will try this out shortly. But I'm pretty sure I'm not the one who can fix this.

Many thanks, Jon.

PS: I butchered wwwmaze's warp preset and added lots of more functions. Will upload in the next days with examples. That's really fun. Even though I have no idea what I did there.

EDIT: The cool thing is, this overlays the blur like a glass plate. It kind of mirrors the left border to the right border like a reflection. Would be nice to use this. But it really gets messed up if you turn the sigma up.

Blur is so much fun. I recently saw a radial blur with offset which looked like an old film effect with only a blurred vignette. Ah, there are so many nice ideas.

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