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Default Project Recovery Not Working Correctly

I was working on a project when my power went out. Once my computer restarted I opened the project and it gave me the typical error message that occurs if the project isn't opening.

I saved a second before the power went out.

I tried opening the .rpp bak and only half of the tracks loaded, with the message "there was an error parsing the specific project"

I tried >open project > Open with FX online and nothing loaded. I just had the same error.

Is there any other way to recover the work without reverting to an earlier edit?
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Hey Andoryu,
Unfortunately I think that the file was in memory at the time it was being written to disk.
It's a long-shot, but did you try opening the Track Manager to see if the missing tracks are just hidden?
Short of that, you could open the .RPP file in a text editor to see what tracks exist. Don't worry, it's all human-readable, though it does take a minute to work out what's what.

It's a wise move to allow more than one .RPP-BAK file to be kept. (You will end up with gigabytes of .rpp-bak files that you need to remember to delete later, though, but I personally feel it's worth it for that security.)

Best of luck recovering!
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